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Calaka x Sam Rodriguez

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Calaka x Sam Rodriguez

This piece is part of his 'Type Faces' series where he incorporates typography and portraiture. He created the original painting based on some talks we had around the intersection of time periods and new mixtures in regards to native american identity. He then blended ancient visual elements with contemporary fashion. 

Many of us with Mexican descent, are mixed with native roots, some more than others and some have been involved with the culture while others are still trying to find out how to begin. We use various labels to try and identify or make sense of who we are. Some labels we use include, Indigenous, Mestizo, Latino, First Nations, Native American etc. Regardless of this, we carry pieces to a collective story of The Native People who lived in the Western Hemisphere prior to 1491. 

We saw this collab as a good fit with the brand because it challenges us to remember our roots and also acknowledge the mixed background that a lot of our families share. In the end, this release is another step is bringing awareness to our culture that some might now be inspired to learn & return to. The people live! Thank you all for the support.

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