2023 Rebirth

2023 Rebirth

Hello relatives,

Calaka has been a project that was started a while back to allow myself to create, educate myself and family and participate in the world with an indigenous perspective. Growing up out here in San Jose I always called myself Mexican American, or Hispanic, or Chicano as those were the words that I heard from family, friends and the neighborhoods. As time went on, I discovered a new story of the continent, our people, our ways of life, and how connected we were as descendants of The People. From languages, songs, ceremonies, food, cultura, giving thanks in a good way when we wake each morning, we walk on our road again, the road our ancestors lead on.


Calaka probably wont be a huge brand, but in the same spirit as I started, I will find ways to create wearable items, home goods, and art that take larger concepts from our story. I will be getting help from friends and artists that I have met along the way and I will continue to find ways to support events, causes and people on behalf of the brand. Thank you checking out the ideas and I pray that you find ways to reconnect, stayed connected and educate our people while we have time on this Earth. 


Tlazocamati + Timo Itazke

Thank you and see you later!



founder of Calaka

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