Introducing Calaka Wear


We are excited to announce our first establishing release for Calaka Wear. This brand has been a dream in the works for a few years now with a couple of shirt designs already released and out there. The reason that we exist is to bring some more awareness to the people and create something that can inspire us to represent where we come from everyday.  As indigenous people of the western hemisphere we face challenges dealing with history, language, identity, poverty, having a voice, & cultural genocide. We believe the ability to wear things that represent us on the daily are a good way to show our presence in todays society. We are not the only or top Indigenous brand, but we have big dreams and we know you do too. 

Our long term goal is to help build a platform for Indigenous artists, writers & leaders. We will do this by investing locally & through the means of online collaboration with other indigenous brands + people. We also dream of a place to share cultural activities & education. Big dreams yes, impossible no. We thank all of our early supporters, families & friends who believed since day 1. To our future supporters, we thank you for taking the time and seeing the value in what we do. We're doing our best to inspire the people & you are a big part of that since the support we receive keeps us going. Tlazokamati/Thank You.

Pray Dont Prey

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