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Calaka Vision

Calaka Vision

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CalakaWear x Sam Rodriguez

Samuel Rodriguez is a San José, California based artist whose work has shown in public art spaces, museums, companies, galleries, internet, and editorial publications. He has since blended what he absorbed from both opportunities to create his current aesthetic.  Rodriguez is known for two kinds of portrait styles that he calls, "Topographical Portraiture" and "Type Faces".  Topographical Portraits, are made by stylizing a portrait with topographical lines and shapes in a similar manner to those found through images on geographic maps. Type Faces, incorporate typography and portraiture. Rodriguez developed these techniques in order to explore his interest in social, historic, and cultural hybridity.  

We saw this collab as a good fit for the brand because the idea of social, historic, and cultural hybridity can describe so many of us alive today. Most of us are mixed and use different types of labels to describe our family story here. Some of these might be Native, Indigenous, Mestizo, Latino, First Nations etc. Regardless of a label, we carry pieces to the collective story of The People who lived in the Western Hemisphere prior to 1491 through the present.


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Printed on 6oz 100% cotton.