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Xomulzen - (Sho-Mool-Sen)

The astronomical unit known as Xomulzen(18°) is a constant between the celestial figures. The people found that it was the fifth quadrant of the sky. This allowed them to observe time more precisely by knowing it was 1/5 of 90°. Interestingly, There are 20 in 360° which is the same as the 20 days within the Tonamatl  a.k.a. 'Aztec Calendar'. 

This is a Youth Shirt.

Printed on 6oz 100% cotton.

Profits from each youth size shirt that we sell, helps fund the Warriors Circle youth retreat in the Santa Cruz Hills in July 2016. The Warriors Circle is put together by Barrios Unidos Santa Cruz & the San Jose Black Berets each year. It is 4 days of cultural teachings, songs, ceremony, story telling and guest speakers. If you would like to donate without having to purchase an item here, please visit the Go Fund Me Page.